Friday, December 12, 2008

new friends....alhamdulillah

Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah, I meet a few new friends from Palestine and Yemen in this month. Thanks to Allah for let me know them. They are very good and kind person. What I can describe here as a good friends is person who always take care their prayer in their daily life. Besides, they respect their friends. Ma sha Allah, they will be very good muslimin in the future. Actually, I meet most of them in Multimedia University mosque after prayer time. May Allah protect them in this life, where nowdays our surrounding already full with fitnah and mungkar.....

Wassim, Yazan and Yusof =>>> Arab Palestine - at Alamanda Putrajaya

me -- waiting my friends cut their hair at Alamanda Putrajaya

Yusoff and Abdul Aziz (Arab Yemen) -- Putrajaya mamak restaurant

Al Jazeera Restaurant, Cyberjaya -- food menu + price

Yusoff (Palestine), Muhammad (Libya), Abdul Rahman (Libya) and Abu Zhaudi (Palestine) -- dinner at Al Jazeera Restaurant, Cyberjaya.

Abu Zhaudi and Bara (Saudi) -- dinner at Al Jazeera Restaurant, Cyberjaya.

Yazan and Wassim and at the back....ermmm forget his name....hehehehe...