Tuesday, January 12, 2010

familiar with word HELP???

*** word of HELP??? it can give a meaning a person who contributes to the fulfillment of a need or furtherance of an effort or purpose...
asking our self whether we have ever help other people before in this life? Some people so worried or confused to give a help to others because worried his/her help not be appreciated by that person in future. Exactly no need to think like that cause world is very big and we live in big community where other people will help us when we get problem in future.

make your hand light as a feather to help other people in this world. Small help or big help is very meaningful to others who need a help. Then this world will full with sharing and caring people... so this peace and harmony what we seek exactly for live in this world...

so put in your soul and body to HELP other people who need a help ***

::::::: POEM

You gave on the way a pleasant smile
And thought no more about it.
It cheered a life that had been dark the while
Which might have been wrecked without it.
And so for that smile that was given there,
You'll have a reward sometime-somewhere.

You spoke one day a cheering word,
And passed to other duties.
It cheered a heart; new promise stirred
And painted a life with beauties.
And so for that word of golden cheer,
You'll have a reward sometime-somewhere.

You lent a hand to a fallen one;
lift in love was given.
You saved a soul when hope was gone
And helped him on toward heaven.
and, so for that help you proffered there,
You'll have a reward sometime-somewhere.

Author Unknown


Thursday, January 7, 2010


we already reach year 2010 and celebrate it, everybody around the world have make their own vision and planning for year 2010.

i wish all of you get what you aim this year.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

end of year 2009 and new year 2010

its a time for us to flash back what already happen since beginning of 2009. New book of life will be open few days more. Life must going on and we cannot stop it unless we are not more in this world... :D

sweet, happiness, enjoyment, joyful, excited, cheerful, laughing will be left as a sweet memory of 2009.

sadness, boring, frustration, angry, mad, crazy will be left as a bitter memory of 2009.

I wish this year 2010, will bring more sweet memory to everybody around the world.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


tonight is Quater Final Volleyball PRIMA League tournament for my team, PRO ACE (MMU) vs SANUBARI team.... at volleyball hardcourt, Old Town Cafe, 8.45pm

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

BIG IFTAR... update program that will do at MMU mosque both campus

Majlis Berbuka Puasa / Iftar

Tarikh/Date: 08-09-2009 (Selasa/Tuesday)
Tempat/Venue: Surau Al-Irsyad,MMU,Melaka
Masa/Time: 7.00 pm


Tarikh/Date: 10-09-2009 (Khamis/Thursday)
Tempat/Venue: Surau Al-Hidayah,MMU,Cyberjaya
Masa/Time: 7.00 pm

Semua dijemput hadir bersama-sama keluarga. All are invited with your family.

Terima kasih. Thank you

the stock market prize KLSE for TM and AXIATA

today, the stock TM prize dropped... still waiting it up to 4.0 at least before sell it... i hope it can increase soon to this point...

4863 TM 3.200 3.230 3.150 3.160 -0.040 82,967

while AXIATA prize increase but still can't sell it cause it still negative...at least there have some improvement since few months ago...

6888 AXIATA 3.100 3.170 3.120 3.170 +0.070 141,385

program in Al-Hidayah mosque

I'm glad that in this year Ramadhan, it's full with good activities in MMU mosque.
  1. Thanks to students society like Usrah Instituition, Arabic Language Society and others society/clubs for make activities in MMU Al-Hidayah Mosque.
  2. Also, thanks to some person for their effort for make donations, charity or sponsor for provide food and drinks for muslim people for breakfasting and meal after teraweh prayer.
  3. Thanks also to Mosque committees for their job in this holy months like collecting zakat, preparing the meals for muslim people that breakfasting and so on.
  4. Thanks to speakers that give a talk between teraweh prayer, during Jumaat prayer or after teraweh prayer.
  5. Thanks to muslim people that perform congregation prayer, perform teraweh prayer, breakfasting, attend the talk (muhadarah) and join other activities in MMU Al-Hidayah mosque.
May Allah rewards them and group them in the group with prophet Muhammad SAW...

last Sunday at night after teraweh prayer, one talk given by Al-Shaikh Shareef Al-Arabi. Around 40-50 person attend this talk. Alhamdulillah, may Allah rewards the speaker and the audiences for their effort in this holy month, Ramadhan Al-Mubarak.

one of the talk topic that i took during this talk.

The announcement that made by one of committee through online messenger: Arabic Language Society is glad to invite you to attend the lecture which will be given by our American brother Al-Shaikh Shareef Al-Arabi The title of the lecture: The virtues of the last ten days of Ramadan The Time: 9:40 PM After Taraweeh Prayer The date: 6/9/2009 On Sunday Location : Al-Hedaya Surau.

one of presenter to give a talk between 8 rakaat teraweh prayer at MMU Al-Hidayah Mosque, Mr. Faris Khalid. While Mr. Yassin that seat besides Mr. Faris is one of the Imam for teraweh prayer. Mr. Yassin is Yemeni students in MMU, study bachelor in IT and he can memorizing all chapters in Quran verse. Alhamdulillah.

my dear friends, from Khazkhatans, Iran and Nigeria... may Allah bless them.

Monday, September 7, 2009

my new Iranian friend....

Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah for meet me with few new friends especially in this holy and blessing month, Ramadhan Al-Mubarak. Most of them I knew during breakfasting at MMU Al-Hidayah mosque. This is the beautiful of teaching in Islam where you can make good relationship with your muslim brothers for sake of Allah and to get rewards from Him. May Allah bless all of us for our effort to follow the teaching of Islam in our daily life.

above: time to shoot photo...my latest photo... holding fiqh sunnah book.

above: my dear friend, Mr. Aidel Payoub, one of the Imam for congregation prayer in MMU Al-Hidayah Mosque

above: Mr. Hasan, just know him and he will return back to his country today, Tuesday at 11pm and will return back to Malaysia to continue studies in MBA... (still choose study place wheater in University Malaya or MMU)

above: one of Aidel friends and become my friend also, Mr. Abdul Hasan, study in MBA

May Allah protect them all with His Blessing and His Merciful... hope my dear friends are success in what their aiming for in their studies in Malaysia....Insya'Allah...

time to walk around campus...

walk and walk to fill my free time..but soon it become quite boring and feel so sleepy just to walk around.... nothing else can be found around and what i can see is similar like before.

then i stop near to HB3 and HB2 hostel, and that time I become so surprise...what make me surprise is what i found which is one mountain bike bicycle blue color at walkway hostel.. not sure belong to whom but i think nobody willing to ride it anymore...

why? you try to imagine if you can ride the bicycle without tire at the back ... how you can move the bike pedals??? I don't know what will happen and what people around you will THINKING about you if you try to ride this bicycle in this condition... they just will think that you are CRAZY or DREAMING in day...??? think about it again...hahahaha....

so to prove to you that i found that bicycle without tire... i post picture that i took by my camera phone... try to look it...so what your comment about it???

then i found one small orange cat sleeping near to carbonate drink machine. because it's was rainy day that morning, this cat try to make the pose body like photo below. Maybe it's the way the cat can increase the body temperature... i wonder what happen to human if sleep during rainy day in the morning... will they do same pose like this cat or another type of pose... think about it for me...hehehe....

so, at the end... i end up sleeping after just walked for a few minutes only...zzzzzzzZZZ.....

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Food stall at HB2...in Ramadhan...

above: Grill chicken and grill fish that ready to buy by customer... very cheap for this grill chicken... RM 2.50 each one...fish...forget to ask...hehehe...

above: you tau fou (Chinese food) that made most from fish meat also been sell in this stall....

above: see here, variety malay tradisonal foods can be found here...the taste is very delicious and the important part is it very cheap to buy....

above: the worker in this food stall monitor the food that grill above the fire...watching, in case over burn and over burn can cause the grill chicken or grill fish changed to charcoal ..

above: color very bright gold for this grilled chicken...smell... better you smeel yourself.....but remember that you are still fasting the time you buy the food there....

This food stall seel variety foods with very cheap prize... really... a lot of students and some staff come here to buy their food for break fasting...

still don't believe, drop yourself there to buy the food from this food stall... surely you will surprise with the cheap food there....

Ramadhan di MMU dan Putrajaya

Already fasting 12 days in this holy month, Ramadhan... a lot of people come to mosque to pray together and many of them reciting holy book, Al-Quran... this the good activity need to do by all muslim people in this holy month...

A lot of rewards that promise by Allah to muslim people who fasting, prayer, recite quran, do charity and do many good activities... may us in this group that get multiple rewards from Allah SWT... insya'Allah...

MMU students was preparing drink before breakfasting at mosque area

the foods been provide to all muslim people that fasting in day

the drinks and some sweet include deeds (tamar fruit) that will be eat after azan maghrib start

Besides that, I go with my friend to buy some food from Bazaar Ramadhan in Putrajaya at 5pm. Many people, young, old, majority malay muslim, some foreigner come to buy foods here...although it's hot that time, but still many people come to buy the food for break the fasting that day....

Friday, August 28, 2009

Masalah mengenai ibadat Puasa tapi tidak bersolat....


Soalan; ustaz, apakah diterima puasa orang yg sengaja meninggalkan solat? kerana saya melihat ramai orang yg berpusa tapi tidak mengerjakan solat.

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Puasa tapi tidak sembahyang

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009



pakaian rasmi kontigen Selangor

Kontigen Selangor sewaktu pembarisan hari perasmian Karnival Sukan TM (KASTEL)

Good to have black sun glasses dan cap...quiet hot...but very enjoy....

Most of my time in Kuantan that time just to be a cameraman and to give support to my volleyball team members... although our performance this year drop, we already try our best...
Selangor team in volleyball only reach to Quater Final after loss to Champions volleyball team, Melaka team (0-2)...

I hope that Selangor Volleyball team learn and improve the more skills in the future...

I need to be ready also incase been called by coach and manager to be in the team next year....

time and skills will decide for it.....


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

23rd blood donation in MMU Cyberjaya

assalammualaikum, i'm glad to be a donor for blood donation program... it was my 18 times when I donate yesterday....

the entrance to donation room - Multipurpose Hall extension (MPH extension)
the donor need to fill up the form before allowed to enter the donation room

the girl donor usually get comforter to cover the body while make donation...
men donor...ohhh...no need...men are strong

the blood tubes from my hand to blood packet...doctor say only 350ml cause I active sport this week with tournament, but the nurse take 450ml.... aiiiya.....it's ok, man...i'm strong...

done... me just take only 10 minutes... depend on how much you press the rod that gave by nurse to grasp while you make donation.. more fast and strong, more blood flow out from your body...don't believe, you can try it...be a donor...

time to put info to the blood packet after complete the donation...450ml....

still rest for a while before wake up from donation chair.... to make the balance blood inside the body to become balance...if not, you can collapse unconsciousness...

milo drink break with some cookies and bread...to restore back energy and fluid in

time to collect the certificate at entrance door before go out....

thank to Red Cresent MMU Cyberjaya for this success event....

watch my video donate the blood

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

~ friendly match with Uniten Staff Volleyball team...~

one of spiker from Uniten try to tapping the ball while Boceng try to blok it...

besides, friendly match, our player also discuss some matters about program between 2 university...

spiker style from Hafis (MMU) while Hafiz (Uniten) ready to blok the ball

Juan spike the ball while Uniten player try to blok it... me the blue pant, position after set the ball to Juan...

besides our volleyball friendly match, some MMU players make Sepak Takraw game with Uniten players...

Location: Volleyball court (near to Uniten Stadium)
Date: Wednesday, 24 June 2009
Time: 6 pm until 7.30pm
Result: MMU losse 1-2 to Uniten

we try again to win next time...