Tuesday, January 12, 2010

familiar with word HELP???

*** word of HELP??? it can give a meaning a person who contributes to the fulfillment of a need or furtherance of an effort or purpose...
asking our self whether we have ever help other people before in this life? Some people so worried or confused to give a help to others because worried his/her help not be appreciated by that person in future. Exactly no need to think like that cause world is very big and we live in big community where other people will help us when we get problem in future.

make your hand light as a feather to help other people in this world. Small help or big help is very meaningful to others who need a help. Then this world will full with sharing and caring people... so this peace and harmony what we seek exactly for live in this world...

so put in your soul and body to HELP other people who need a help ***

::::::: POEM

You gave on the way a pleasant smile
And thought no more about it.
It cheered a life that had been dark the while
Which might have been wrecked without it.
And so for that smile that was given there,
You'll have a reward sometime-somewhere.

You spoke one day a cheering word,
And passed to other duties.
It cheered a heart; new promise stirred
And painted a life with beauties.
And so for that word of golden cheer,
You'll have a reward sometime-somewhere.

You lent a hand to a fallen one;
lift in love was given.
You saved a soul when hope was gone
And helped him on toward heaven.
and, so for that help you proffered there,
You'll have a reward sometime-somewhere.

Author Unknown


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