Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ramadhan di MMU dan Putrajaya

Already fasting 12 days in this holy month, Ramadhan... a lot of people come to mosque to pray together and many of them reciting holy book, Al-Quran... this the good activity need to do by all muslim people in this holy month...

A lot of rewards that promise by Allah to muslim people who fasting, prayer, recite quran, do charity and do many good activities... may us in this group that get multiple rewards from Allah SWT... insya'Allah...

MMU students was preparing drink before breakfasting at mosque area

the foods been provide to all muslim people that fasting in day

the drinks and some sweet include deeds (tamar fruit) that will be eat after azan maghrib start

Besides that, I go with my friend to buy some food from Bazaar Ramadhan in Putrajaya at 5pm. Many people, young, old, majority malay muslim, some foreigner come to buy foods here...although it's hot that time, but still many people come to buy the food for break the fasting that day....

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