Tuesday, September 8, 2009

program in Al-Hidayah mosque

I'm glad that in this year Ramadhan, it's full with good activities in MMU mosque.
  1. Thanks to students society like Usrah Instituition, Arabic Language Society and others society/clubs for make activities in MMU Al-Hidayah Mosque.
  2. Also, thanks to some person for their effort for make donations, charity or sponsor for provide food and drinks for muslim people for breakfasting and meal after teraweh prayer.
  3. Thanks also to Mosque committees for their job in this holy months like collecting zakat, preparing the meals for muslim people that breakfasting and so on.
  4. Thanks to speakers that give a talk between teraweh prayer, during Jumaat prayer or after teraweh prayer.
  5. Thanks to muslim people that perform congregation prayer, perform teraweh prayer, breakfasting, attend the talk (muhadarah) and join other activities in MMU Al-Hidayah mosque.
May Allah rewards them and group them in the group with prophet Muhammad SAW...

last Sunday at night after teraweh prayer, one talk given by Al-Shaikh Shareef Al-Arabi. Around 40-50 person attend this talk. Alhamdulillah, may Allah rewards the speaker and the audiences for their effort in this holy month, Ramadhan Al-Mubarak.

one of the talk topic that i took during this talk.

The announcement that made by one of committee through online messenger: Arabic Language Society is glad to invite you to attend the lecture which will be given by our American brother Al-Shaikh Shareef Al-Arabi The title of the lecture: The virtues of the last ten days of Ramadan The Time: 9:40 PM After Taraweeh Prayer The date: 6/9/2009 On Sunday Location : Al-Hedaya Surau.

one of presenter to give a talk between 8 rakaat teraweh prayer at MMU Al-Hidayah Mosque, Mr. Faris Khalid. While Mr. Yassin that seat besides Mr. Faris is one of the Imam for teraweh prayer. Mr. Yassin is Yemeni students in MMU, study bachelor in IT and he can memorizing all chapters in Quran verse. Alhamdulillah.

my dear friends, from Khazkhatans, Iran and Nigeria... may Allah bless them.

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