Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sport Games 2008

Sport Games 2008 at Multimedia University Cyberjaya Campus was held 29 November 2008 (Saturday).... organizer is Arabic Language Society and Internation Student Society... i been asking twice from director event and president International Student Society (ISS) to create one team to compete in volleyball tournament... alhamdulillah, thank to Allah, i can find friends to join in my team...their are Megat, Iskandar (roomate Megat), Saab (known also as Abg Saad among students), myself (bario), khairi, faizal (one of Intitusi Usrah committee) and my international friends, Muad Bani (Yemeni), Ammar Al-Amari (Yemeni) and Shafeek (Sri Lanka)... 9 of us involve all the matchs without lost any games during tournament... we become champion after we fight with one Iranian team at 3.30pm. All team that join volleyball tournament is 6 teams - 3 from Indoenesia and 2 Iranian team (one of team, have somalian player).

Argument during match usually happens during fight with Iranian team...but no figthing happen...

Early morning the raining stop at 7.00 am and the committees started to clear all wet spots at volleyball court, basketball court and futsal court. Thanks to commitees for their effort during events. At noon, the wheather condition is hot and cloudy...

I hope that the volleyball in campus will start to have a lot of professional player....

my team

iskandar and me during match with Garuda team - one of the Indonesia teams

my position to receive the ball for me to set for spiker

after shoot the ball to other team - service ball ...

me and my friend that coming from Melaka, Mohammed Fageh - Arab Saudi student in MMU Melaka.

Friday, November 28, 2008

so cute my nephews...
Location: Multimedia University Al-Hidayah Mosque (After pray Jumaat - inside)

Location: Multimedia University Al-Hidayah Mosque (After pray Jumaat - inside)

Location: Multimedia University Al-Hidayah Mosque (After pray Jumaat - outside)

Location: Multimedia University Al-Hidayah Mosque (After pray Jumaat - outside)

I'm so happy because many people around Cyberjaya gather together at Al-Hidayah mosque to heard sermon Jumaat from khatib and together they pray Jumaat prayer....

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

ITSD Retreat Training


i already upload the recently pictures that I took during ITSD (Information Technolocy Services Division) Retreat Training at Ancasa Resort & Spa Port Dickson Malaysia...


Monday, November 17, 2008

ITSD Retreat – “Enhancing IT Services Delivery”

I also will have another training in this weekend. Good training modules and nice place of training... Some information about training for this weekend as stated below:

IT Services Division (ITSD) will be having a retreat on 21 – 23 November 2008. Objectives of ITSD Retreat are to find out the issues/problems and discuss the solutions to enhance IT services in MMU. This ITSD retreat has been endorsed by HR.

  • ITD Services for Internal and External Client
  • Organization of IT Division and communication with other department
  • Staff Development i.e Problems such as turn over of staff etc
  • Training for Staff
  • Centralization of IT staff
Date: 21 – 23 November 2008
Training/Course: ITSD Retreat – “Enhancing IT Services Delivery”
Venue: AnCasa All Suites, Resort & Spa, Port Dickson

SMARTORANGE PROGRAMME : Presentation Skills and Communications 18 till 19 November 2008

Tomorrow, i will depart to this hotel...i been selected to join SMARTORANGE PROGRAMME : Presentation Skills and Communications 18 till 19 November 2008. So, before go there, i check first the location and pictures about this hotel from internet... Quite impress... nice and 5 star hotel

(Corus Hotel Kuala Lumpur is situated in the prestigious downtown Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) vicinity offering easy access to the city’s commercial centres, embassies, entertainment and shopping outlets.It is adjacent to the world famous landmark Petronas Twin Towers and next door to the Light Rail Transit Underground Station, Putra LRT, for easy access to the city’s sights. The hotel offers a selection of spacious and well-decorated guest rooms. Rooms are contemporary in style and feature a range of modern facilities. Selected guest rooms offer stunning views over the Petronas Twin Towers and the city skyline. Additional hotel facilities include a number of restaurants serving a range of cuisine. Guests can choose between Szechuan, Hainanese and Japanese restaurants, as well as the option of Western cuisine. The hotel has a lovely outdoor swimming pool surrounded by a garden terrace.)

Zon hotel at KL...

i shot some pictures at KL while my friends have something to do there...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

long friend still same like before

last weekend, i meet my long time friend, Brother Ezran, at his house, Kajang, Selangor... he still same like before, just he will get married soon, that was a GREAT news to hear from him.... he already has a work at Pasir Gudang, Johor Baharu... since me and my friends, Brother Hazimin and Brother Zapril, Brother Ezran invited us to have breakfast together at his house that morning. So, we ate together the tradisional food from Kelantan ( rice, coconut, sugar and small fried fish)... very delicious.... yum yum yum....

so, before me and my friends went home, Brother Ezran told me that he will assign me some task during his marriage.... we will see what kind of task that he planned to assign to me.... just waiting.....

Monday, November 3, 2008

Workout exercise...-

Abs exercises with dumb-bells

Add some weight to make your abs work harder

Source: mensfitnessmagazine

Beginner abs exercises

Intermediate abs exercises

Advanced abs exercises

Dear my friends, let us spend some out time to do exercise at gym or home for our own benefit. Spend around 15-30 minutes to do the exercise everyday. All the best.....

Cheap tol if travel to South Peninsular Malaysia like go to Melaka...

Here, I would like to share some information to all my dear friends. If you plan to travel from Cyberjaya to south of peninsular Malaysia like Negeri Sembilan, Melaka, Johor or Singapore, you can take exit at Tol Nilai. It can help you reduce a cost of your travel. Besides that, I aslo put inside this map the way to go to Inti College (Nilai). Ok. Enjoy your travel and be safe during driving. Vrom, Vrommmmm.........

meet friends..

Woww.. today, i meet few of my best friends from Melaka... all of them look great and healthy. They come to cyberjaya to meet me also their other friends. One of them, Jamal Mwalad, told me that they come to cyberjaya after they send their best friend that travel back to Yemen, Brother Nabil Kumail. He already graduated as degree IT student from Multimedia University this year.

I also meet Mohammad Al Hadha, my friend that get injured during fight back to thief in his house a few months ago. He told me that he already become better that before. Glad to see him in his condition now.

During at night, my brother, Brother Fuad Mwalad, come to visit me at my home. We play fighting Play Station 2 game. Also, one of my housemate join together. Really both of them very good in playing this video game.

I also do some exercise at living area in my house. After that, I go to washroom to clean myself and also do some cleaning at washroom.

Then play Red Alert 3 (PC game - continue the Soviet mission) until complete the all mission.

And now, time for rest and tomorrow work as usual..... wushhhh...